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About the DM course

1. I have never dived before! Can I still sign for up the DM internship?

Yes, of course!!! You have to start somewhere, we all did. A Divemaster candidate needs to have completed the Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water course, Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response. These can be taken concurrently and no experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and sense of adventure.

2. What if I don't like it after trying my first course?

Diving is not for everyone, although the vast majority fall in love with this spectacular sport at the first breath. If you feel that scuba diving is not for you, no hard feelings. However, we feel that we can transform even the biggest skeptic. You never know unless you try and you miss 100% of the shots you never take. Refunds for incomplete courses are available as per the agreement……

3. How long will it take?

PADI training is not a time-based system. Within reason you can take as long as is required to complete any portion of training and at Go Pro Blue Magic Scuba we take great pride in being sensitive to each student’s needs and limitations. Your internship time is determined by your certification level when you arrive. If you arrive Rescue Certified, four weeks is just right. If you arrive Advanced Open Water Certified, six weeks, and if you arrive Open Water Certified or never dove before, eight weeks!!Some people learn faster than others and this is always a consideration when we conduct our training. You can go as fast, or as slow as you like.

4. How many real dives are included?

Cozumel is a world-class diving destination and we are hard pressed to find “bad” diving. Depending on your level of certification you will be exposed to the best diving Cozumel has to offer. It is important to remember however that many parts of your training require shallow, calm conditions, meaning we have to dive from shore, which is still awesome, or in the pool. We guarantee that you will see the best that the Cozumel has to offer.

5. Will I be working with "real" students and courses or is this a "role playing" program? Which is better and why?

BMS is fundamentally a training centre. We offer all levels of recreational PADI training. The beauty of this is that you will be assisting with and participating in real PADI courses as a means to complete your required performance objectives. Is this better than “role playing”? We think so. Role-playing has value of course but you can’t fake the actions and decisions of real students. Role-playing is used in Divemaster training when a shop does not have enough training programs for you to learn from, or when bad weather prevents diving in the ocean. You learn how to assist, lead, guide and mentor with 100% bona fide student divers. There is simply is no substitute for this approach. After all as working PADI Pro, you will not be guiding actors, unless of course you hail from Bollywood

6. Can I stay on after certification to gain experience and perhaps do my IDC?

Yes. We offer continued experience for Go Pro graduates depending on boat space and the understanding that while on our boats or in the shop we all have a job to do, namely great customer service and incredible training. If you are willing to lend a hand when needed we are very happy to have you.

7. What’s the diving like in Cozumel?

Cozumel is a consistent top 10 dive destination and has been ever since the great Jacques Cousteau himself discovered the amazing reefs and biodiversity of the Island. Please click here for great photos, videos and comments from happy divers who return here year after year.

8. How often will I be diving, and are there "dry" days so I can see the Island?

Your exact schedule will be a combination of classroom work, workshops, practical application and self-study. We all need breaks and dry days will be frequent enough to allow you to chill out, drink a cold one and check out the beach, go to the movies, or do whatever you need to relax.

9. Who will be my mentor and teacher?

Javi Agudo, our resident Course Director, will be overseeing all your Divemaster training and internship activities. You will also be diving with other members of the BMS Go Pro team and assisting on their training courses. Learning from as many different Instructors as possible provides you with a well rounded, broad level of experience and technique.

10. Is it possible to work after the course?

I wish we could hire every single one of our new divemasters and instructors, but of course we can’t. The team here at BMS Go Pro has been diving and traveling the world for years and we maintain a long list of friends in diveshops all over the planet and we will be happy to help you find your special place in the sun.

11. What do Divemaster Interns do for fun?

Other than diving the crystal clear, Blue Magic waters of the Caribbean, hanging out at shop BBQ’s and learning about the Blue Planet there are a plethora of activities on the Island including kayaking, sailing, Jet Skis, para-sailing, snorkelling, beaches, Golf, Tennis, gyms, amazing food, cool bars, holding hands with a new friend……..you get the idea.

12. How many interns will there be?

Group size depends on the time of year but we limit each class size to eight. The dynamic of the program depends on its constituents. Having colleagues and partners in crime makes training fun and your time here worthwhile.

13. What "work" will I be doing at the Dive Shop?

All your training involves learning how to be a Pro. To become a Pro you need practice so you will be helping out on all shop duties including but not limited to boat prep, equipment room logistics, classroom attendance, guiding dives and assisting on all levels of training.

14. Why should I choose BMS to complete my internship?

World Class Diving, World Class Training. It’s that simple. We offer an unparalleled level of service, experience, expertise, fun and commitment to our students. Don’t take our word for it, see this link for real testimonials from former graduates and successful dive industry professionals.


About Mexico/ Cozumel

1. Do I need a visa to stay in Mexico, and how long is it for?

US, Canada and most European citizens will receive entry visas for up to six months upon arrival in Mexico. If you are from other countries, or are not sure please check with your country’s foreign office or with the Mexican Embassy in your capitol city.

2. Is it easy to get money in Cozumel using local banks, CC Cards and ATM's?

ATM’s are usually the best way to go. You can withdraw local Mexican pesos at the best possible rate, generally with just the same low transaction fee you pay at home. Please double check with your bank. Additionally you can get cash advances from you credit card at most banks. Western Union transfers are also available.


3. Is there Internet access?

Internet access is readily available in most restaurants and coffee shops. Both the Blue Magic Scuba dive shop and the intern house have free fast broadband Wi-Fi!

4. How much $$$ will I need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to live?

Everybody has different spending habits. You will be surprised how inexpensive things are here compared to home. We generally recommend about US$500 per month. Your mileage will vary.

5. What should I bring with me- other than clothes?

A big smile will get you far however we recommend you bring with you clothing appropriate for a warm, tropical environment. That means it rains sometimes so wet weather gear and footwear is a must. Bring whatever makes you comfortable.in addition to your clothes and toiletries,Laptops are a huge asset during training and for your social life. iPods, Tablets, cameras, phones and all the usual stuff you take with you on your travels. We are all different and besides that there is very little you can’t get while you are here if you do forget something.

6. Will I be able to use my phone and how much does it cost to use?

Check with your carrier. In general it will not be cheap to use your cell phone plan here; however there are great workarounds, with Wi-Fi readily available, programs like Skype, Viber or Whats-App are very popular. A local cell phone can be bought for about US$25 and calls cost about 0.15 cents a minute.

 7. Is it safe in Mexico?

Mexico is a safe place to visit despite what CNN and the BBC might have you believe. Plus, don’t forget that what they are talking about is happening in the north of the country, about 3000 kilometers (about 1800 mile) away. It’s important to respect the rules and the law and then trouble is extremely unlikely to find you. Cozumel is one of the most secure places in Mexico, you can walk any street here anytime of the day or night!


About accommodation

1. Is accommodation provided for me during the course?

Yes!!! All our Divemaste and IDCr candidates are housed in our modern, comfortable “interns house”

2. What kind room will I be staying in?

You will be sharing a room with one other (same gender person) Each room has its own en-suite bathroom with modern conveniences, hot water and good water pressure!

3. Is there internet?

Our Interns house has broadband internet with Wi-Fi access throughout the house. So does our dive shop.

4. Are there laundry facilities?

There are many laundry services on the island. Typically they charge between US$1.00 to 1.50 per kilo. Drop of in the morning, pick up in the afternoon, cleaned, fluffed and folded.

5. Is the accommodation close to the dive shop?

Our interns house is about a 5 minute walk from the Dive Center.

6. Are the accommodations secure and safe for women?

Yes, our interns house is very safe as is the island as a whole.



About costs

1. Are there any hidden costs that I will have to pay when I arrive, or before I leave?

No, no hidden costs, everything is up front. Detailed cost information can be found here.  

2. Are PADI application fee's included in the price?

PADI applications and membership fee’s are payable directly to PADI upon completion of Divemaster and Instructor training.

3. Are PADI training materials included in the price and what are they/what do they include?

All training materials are included in the course price. For a complete list of what’s included please follow this LINK

4. Is equipment rental included in the price?

Yes, all needed rental equipment is included. However it is highly recommended that you have and bring your own Mask, Fins Snorkel and shorty wetsuit. If you don’t, NO WORRIES, we have it all!!

5. What if I have my own equipment, is there a discount?

Sorry, no. But not only will you feel more comfortable in your own gear, you’ll look far cooler too!!!

6. Can I "work" to pay for course and training?

Sorry, no. At BMS we do our level best to provide value for your $$$ and we try to keep fees down. This is a training course where you will do some real Divemaster work as part of the course. Once your training is complete, Blue Magic Scuba will use our worldwide contacts to help you secure suitable employment. click here


About the IDC

1. Can I do the PADI Instructor course right after my Divemaster course?

Yes, provided you meet the IDC course requirements and prerequisites. Please see this LINK for details. Many candidates have successfully completed their IDC directly after their Divemaster certification. Some prefer to wait, others are confident and able enough to proceed straight to the IDC.

2. Is it possible to wait, get experience and then do the IDC?

Absolutely. Please see above.

3.Will I be good enough to complete my IDC?

We will never present a candidate to an IDC or IE unless all parties feel 110% confident in your knowledge, skill and attitude.



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